About Circa 1993-1994

Circa 1993-1994 is a project conceived in the early months of 2009 as a way to look at an estimated time zone somewhere in the past. This act of “looking back” has generated texts, drawings, videos, and sculptures. As an extension of the artist's earlier thesis project, Horizon, or Do Fish Drink Water, the artist continues to contemplate "horizon line" as a marker of a distant, unreachable, yet hopeful site in both physical reality and imagination. Also an extension of previous project, Eversince, Audition for Daydream which the usage texts had taken the major role as art material from the conceptualizing stage to the finished product.
From that project to Circa 1993-1994, an obvious bridge is the references to different rocks (Caspar David Friedrich’s painting Wanderer above the Sea of Fog and Disney’s film Lion King) as popular symbols of site for reflection and idealization. The main interest not lies in the existing characters of each work, but the architectural significance of the rocks themselves: they are designed as a vantage point (for men), also a place where horizon is visible (within is kingdom, beyond is unknown).

The three sculptures Reenactment of Pride Rock from Disney’s Lion King 1994, Your, Company, and Designer Box and the Space Above It are displayed in Tickle Art Gallery. Texts and drawings exist on the world wide web.

The artist would like to thank his parents, Tickle Art, Mrs Teo Yong Hong, Natalie Chow, Thomas Chow, Lisa Lee, Zhang Ke Er, Jezamine Chua, Song Yuan Chia, Shermaine Eng, and David Gan.

Mike HJ Chang lives and works on boatship.net

He also uses a free email account: booimpact@hotmail.com


circa 1993-1994/location/text and image/installation