circa 1993-1994 / about / location / installation /

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1993-1994 (keywords: lazy journalism, forest, X-Files, being twelve)

A Romantic Problem (keywords: horizon, location, promises, what to say)

I Will Be There for You (keywords: waving hands, promises in a song, truism)

Introducing a Book (keywords: lies, island, history, anger, whatevers)

Truism Near a Water Fountain (keywords: malls, correction fluid, feeling good)

I've Always Known (keywords: urinating, fever, facts, candle wax)

Water, Part III (keywords: distance, unclean things, peeing in bed)

Drawing Series 1, 2, 3 (keywords: horizon, sunset, Jupiter, where truth is)

_____ (keywords: keywords, hero, fill-in-blanks, homework)

Problem One (keywords: revisonist, boy, manga, trajectory, myth)