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Current Exhibition:

September 16 - October 9

Post (Don Pedro)

Installation by Boedi Widjaja

Opening Reception September 16



Project by Kent Chan

Installation by Nathania Zaini

Drawings by Daniel Kim

Installation by Xie Shangyi

Sculpture by Mark Thia


Past exhibitions:

Paintings by Juka Araikawa

Sculpture by Dr. Matthew Lim

Exhibition, by Guan Rong

Installation by Krister Olsson

Sculpture by Wendy Yap

Exhibition by Gala Porras-Kim

Exhibition by Lindsay Foster

Group Painting Show

Exhibition of Comic books by John Burtle

Exbition by Joshua Miller

Exhibition by Ashley Yeo

Exhibition by Wong Kel Win

Exhibition by Duong Nguyen

Exhibition by Elizabethe Lim

Exhibition by Hwang Jihee

Paintings by Jasmine Little

Sculpture by Fyerool Darma

Sculpture by Mike HJ Chang





Installation view of Boedi Widjaja exhibition at FOXRIVER