In Conversation

Mike HJ Chang and Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg

This interview was conducted at the California Institute of the Arts on Monday, May 5, 2008 in Quinn’s studio.

Throughout the interview Mike plays Super Monkey Ball 2.

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Mike: Oh, there's no jump button.

Quinn: No there's no control. You just have to roll.

M: That's insane.  Should we introduce ourselves?  A conversation with Quinn and Mike...that's Mike Chang.

Q: And Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg.  And Monkey Ball.

[Monkey falls]

M: Shit.  Can I swear?

Q: Yeah, that's fine.

[Monkey falls]

M: (sigh) Can I just say how amazing this game is?

Q: Yeah, that might be a nice way to start.

M: At first I really dismissed this game.  Why would anybody want to play this? (both laugh)  But I really like the simplicity this game represents.

Q: Maybe I should briefly describe Monkey Ball.

M: Well, basically you are a monkey in a ball.

Q: Basically

M: Basically.

Q: But you don't actually ever control the monkey.

M: Yeah.

Q: You only control the plane...

M: ...of the universe.

Q: Yeah, yeah, the surface of the universe.  And the monkey moves through based on how you...

M: …tilt the plane.

Q: Based on the tilt of the universe, your monkey moves.  And at this point...

[Monkey falls]

M: What in the world is going on!

Q: Whoa! Whoa!

M: I almost made it.

Q: There were a lot of goals you could have made it through.

M: Have you ever played that game, it's like a wooden board?

Q: Yeah, labyrinth.

M: Where you tilt the board and you have a metal ball.

Q: Yeah, a little metal marble.  That was something that was always at my grandparents' house.

[Monkey falls]

M: Ahhh.>>