Moisture 2008 performed at Val Verde Eveningside Exhibition

This performance was written and performed right after the South California Fire
that burned close to the location of the exhibition.
While standing in a bucket of water, I start talking about the importance of

having moisture in our everday life. It starts like a typical stand up comedy:
"I met this girl at a bar last week. And we got to talk. You know, learning
what each other are like, stuff like that. I asked her what her favorite movie was,
and she said Shawshank Redemption. I was like, com’on, that’s everybody’s
favorite movie! That doesn’t tell me anything about you! It’s like saying 'Both' to
the Cat-or-Dog question. Both!?"
It ends on the note about the ending of the movie when Tim Robbin’s character crawls
through the sewage pipe to escape the prison. Water and wetness are used to
symbolize freedom and rebirth. Not unlike the tide pool in the beginning of
life on earth. Moist is where it is at.