Day 4 in Japan…

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today i spend the early part of the afternoon taking picture of my scroll drawing. thanks to Juka i finally have a space to roll out the entire scroll, which is about 8 meters long. Juka’s studio is located right above the streets of Yokohama’s Chinatown. lots of tourists there.

then i head to the warehouse space to meet Juka and Krister.  while they continue to work on their pieces for the show, i spent rest of the day vacuum.  there is a lot of dirt.  trust me.  there is a lot of dirt.  trust me.  (no there is no typo: i did type that twice in a roll because there is a lot of dirt) on the way home i couldn’t stop sneezing.  i think my nose is clogged up because of the dust.

the space is more a less ready to go! i would say i have another 3 hours of vacuum, which isn’t really too bad.  but i got a feeling that my back is gonna ache after tomorrow.  should i sleep early tonight? or should i play video game? Krister does have playstation 3.  omg so tempting.

soon i will be doing another video blogging with my friend Juka.  we’ll talk about the role of a “curator”. stay tuned.

Cleaning room a in the house!

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After de installation at Youkobo, we turned Krister’ sculpture wrapped in cardboard into a room a whose job is to clean! Why go for small cleaning robot when
You can have a HUGE one? It’s a no brainier!


Artist Video Blogging from Japan Part 1

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some relevant information: youkobo art space / the shows are curated by juka araikawa and krister olsson, whom have had shown at FOXRIVER gallery before / both show, Please to Meet Me and T/here are produced under a collective called hayama project, which i am a part of / dawn of the dead ( 1978) is directed by george romero / lee wen’s exhibition lucid dreams in the reverie of the real is at SAM / my sweater piece, Your Company (2010) was shown with three other sculpture in citylink, my least favorite place in singapore (#2 behind sentosa)

i think i mumbled a bit…i will articulate and pronunciate with more effect next time!

Writing morning

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Its nice to have a dog sitting under my desk when I need to write. Also I am learning how to write a blog entry right from my iPhone. Holy micro!

A day at youkobo

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its nearly 2am now, on a sunday.  spend the whole day at youkobo art space. gallery sitting, taking pictures of work, then de-installing.  the last part took about 7 hours (wrapping works, painting walls, eating really bad junk food.  that’s all part of it.

since i don’t speak a single word of Japanese beside “i am okay” and “please give me a glass of water”, naturally my friend Juka is doing all the talking to the people who came into the gallery (see picture above, on the left)

basically i want to write and post some videos on this blog about what i am doing in japan, but so far i have been spending all the time in the gallery not really have time in front of computer so its a bit hard to write and organize picture.  but from tomorrow on i will have a better account of my trip in Japan.  Like Juka warned me before the trip: she said, this is not a vacation, Mike.  I replied, I know.  I am ready to work.

so i have been work ever since i got off the plane.  but i am happy. happy to be in Japan, happy to be showing art, see old friends, and see Bacon. Anywoo, need to sleep.  tomorrow will be the first official post, i promise!

exhibition at Youkobo, T/here

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(if you click on the photo above and hold, you can drag around and see the panorama!)

this is the art space which the exhibition T/Here is taking place. today is actually the last day of the show so we will be de-installing later tonight. information page on the youkobo art space: info!
more later!


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this is where the warehouse project will take place. more info about the show Please to Meet Me here!

i will write about this later on.  so tired from cleaning the floor.


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don’t fall in love with just anybody in school! he or she might be an undercover cop! a great story on the amazing podcast This American Life.

Interview #2! (Mike)

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Hi Gang,
i know i know, its a been a while since i updated the blog…been busy, yes. like i said before, i have three jobs, so things like updating this blog (among others) really fall to the waist side. speaking of waist size, i have up on a little bit of weight since i visited London. i like pies, salad, creamy soup, fish and chips, open face sandwich, in no particular order.
nevermind, i have something special for today! to continue the artist interview series for FOXRIVER, here is the second one: Ashley Yeo is the artist right now in FOXRIVER, with her new piece Room. we skyped over the internet, chatting about her inspiration, manga, cereal, weather, london art school, and why she wanted to be an artist since young. enjoy!

Jamie Chan Interview (Mike)

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So here it, the except for the interview i did with artist Jamie Chan.  we talked about Los Angeles (where we went to school together at UCLA), her impression of visiting Singapore for the first time, and some words of advice for young students.