Update (Mike)

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Okay i know i am suppose to put a video here, the Artist Jamie Chan interview.  but that’s been delayed.  as i edit too much video my brain goes mental.  but it will be up shortly.

meanwhile, if you don’t know what FOXRIVER gallery is, you can checkout its website: here

more later!

ny5 (Mike)

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i have an twitter account. its not really about anything. but you can follow me. sometimes i talk about my hair and sometimes i quote books i read. sometimes i complain sometimes i laugh. sometimes i open a can of beans and eat it in the kitchen alone. sometimes i shower with no light on. sometimes i drink milk straight from the bottle. twitter @ mikehjchang
also NY5 has a twitter. its about school news. i wonder if it would ever be about “gossip”. oh gossip, such an ugly word but we love it. twitter @ny5nygh

NYGH on youtube (Mike)

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as video editing and production getting easier and easier with new equipment and software…anybody can make a video… so can nanyang girls high school. (why do i sound sarcastic? i am NOT. or, am i?) the point is, video production take a long long long time, even very simple ones can make one stay after office hours. since i am one of the few people in school that really like making video (less than a handful), a lot of video project fall into my lap. i am not complaining yet but i foresee that.
okay, nevermind. i really don’t know what i am saying right now. i think i have to go to the bathroom. so i set up the youtube channel for nygh and there is one video on it right now. please take a look, if you have not seen the school corporate video (2011). its a bit long but its nicely done. i don’t dislike it but i just don’t like corporate videos as a whole. the whole genre is about painting a nice picture about a subject, so its unrealistic, and propaganda-like. sometimes it might even have mal-meaning intent. so i hope i will not be involved in anything such as that. (i wasn’t. it was done by an outside film-production company). so here it is:

Rap! (Mike)

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wouldn’t it be great if i can get student to rap base on news???

The Week in Rap – Jan 13th from Flocabulary on Vimeo.

this is taken from new york times education blog: the learning network. my new favorite blog. http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/13/student-contest-winners-the-2011-year-in-rap/

New Year (Mike)

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another year, another start.  now this blog would be less about trash, but more about other things i am working on: video production, journalism, and working with students in NY5.  this is a new thing for me as well so i still have a lot to learn and to improve.  but more on that later.

other things i aim to learn and do this year: woodcut prints (to make posters)…do more silkscreen…and working on my own sculptures that i want to finish (with tiles, wax, cement, wood, and mirror pieces)

but first thing first, here are some pictures from Trash Project Sikkim.  Artist and collage Michelle Lim took the trash project to India, and change it conceptually according to the community here.  I did the trash project in school to promote student’s awareness of how much junk we create. then i did a performance at La Salle to talk about food and the waste that comes with food packaging.  When Michelle travelled to Sikkim she built three trash cans out of wood, then asking the kids to paint and decorate them.  The trash cans there are to promote a cleaner school environment.  The wooden trash boxes protect the plastic bags from been torn apart by dogs and other animals.

later there will be a video edited by Michelle as well.  but in the mean time, here are some photos by her.

through the hole

Sikkim, India: Trash Project by Michelle Lim, Collaboration with Mike HJ Chang

Sikkim, India: Trash Project by Michelle Lim, Collaboration with Mike HJ Chang

Sikkim, India: Trash Project by Michelle Lim, Collaboration with Mike HJ Chang

Facebook Language (Mike)

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Just ran into this tonight (is there a more boring time then the night before going to the airport? sitting next to the packed bags, going over check lists over and over again…), Ben Zimmer wrote about the new language created by facebook…read it here

This is what happens when language is optimized for social data-mining rather than natural communication. “Mark read a book.” “Mark listened to a song.” “Mark hiked a trail.” “Mark reviewed a movie.” The sentences flashed on the big screen behind Zuckerberg as he laid out his verb-y vision. Though these sentences are technically in the active voice, they present us with an oddly cramped kind of “activeness,” in which we the users engage with a world of commodified objects through verbs of consumption. And to see one’s “life story” reduced to a series of such prefab activities in a personal timeline? Some might call that the apotheosis of consumer culture.

Speech (Mike)

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this might seen as more self serving than anything, but might be interesting to a select few.

just a note, and in no way a comparison: David Foster Wallace’s speech at Kenyon College graduation in 2005 was probably the most interesting, most well written one i have heard or read (actually perhaps not too many.  i just stopped at this one because its so good. cannot bother with more of this usually predicable platform. can read the whole thing here

so here it is, a video of me reading a text, on video, in my bedroom, recorded about a week ago. if you like my voice, perhaps its good to play it as bedtime story.  if you hate my voice and writing, put it on speakers and scare away stray cats outside your window.  either way, find a way to utilize another 12 minutes uploaded onto the mothership known as youtube world.


Save the Dolphins! (Mike)

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Awhile back i attended the talk by director Ric O’Barry, organized by a local animal organizing Acres…they were trying to raise the awareness of wild dolphin been captured and transported to singapore sentosa world resort.  i guess, in the sake “education”, the marine world needs a center attraction to get kids to come to see dolphins.  as we all know, we all need to “see” to learn. duh! i am been sarcastic.

anyway, long story short: i feel bad for those dolphins that have to learn tricks to be fed. if someone had captured me and put in a cage and blinded me, i would be sad to.  also i don’t like doing tricks for people for fish.  double negative.  what is this, is sentosa world resort still stuck in the 19th century!? as a matter of fact a lot of aquariums around the world have already release their dolphins because research have already proven that dolphins cannot live in closed space.

i don’t know, i have a lot to say about ignorant people who can’t understand that man cannot control nature, on moral and ethical grounds.  but that’s old stories. i would like to focus on happier things. so here it is:  i designed and printed a t-shirt to raise awareness about the 27 dolphins that are coming to singapore (2 already died in the cage). so anyone who wants to try silkscreen printing, just bring your old t-shirts, tote bags, and what not, and you can have it printed on! (love and passion is free, after all) it would be nice to see many people wearing dolphin t-shirts!

silk screening the back side

the front. the first print. slightly messed up but will fix it!

the back of the t-shirt

the back. also my back.

Adobe 5 (Mike)

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This would make me an adobe nerd, but whatever. i did a tutorial video on my mac talking about some of the new features on adobe 5.5, which i love . there is sooooo much cool new stuff in it. since my excitement exceed my logical thinking, i made a nerdy video. so, for some reason, you like using adobe (photoshop, illustrator, after effect, indesign, etc), then you might not hate watching this video.  this was intended for teachers, but actually very very few staff in school actually use them, i thought maybe students might get more kick out of it.  and but “kick”, i mean those weak zombie kick, really, on the verge of death and mal-nutritioned kick, not at all fresh or cool.  okay on the second thought, maybe i shouldn’t post this. and why-o-why did i look like i am in a radiostation recording studio???


Silk Screen Days (Mike)

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hmm haven’t update in a long while. (blogging is really just not my thing.  it has to be a habit.  i already have too much habit as an adult.  need to give up some before i add more.  how about giving up toothbrushing? how about washing hair…well…) where to start. what have i been doing? not sure.  what is this post about? not sure.  probably its okay just to run thru everything really quick go on to the next thing.  so here we go:

learned how to do silk screen from Michelle! the first thing we did was printing AV club t-shirts for the sec4 av girls, as their going-away present (bye!).  i did the design and let the president Shih Han picked from a few.

silk screening t shirt for av sec4

printing it was fun, to say the least! its so nice to hand-make stuff! i can’t believe i never done this before.  Michelle has helped me prepare the screen using photo-sensitive emulsion to make the silkscreen. she experimented for a while in the school darkroom.  after many trials she had gotten the exposure timing using a lightbox (13 minutues).  I don’t think it could have done it without her help.

20 hand printed t shirt! limited edition!

Michelle (the school art technician, if you don’t know by this point) is traveling to Sikkim, India to participate in an outreach program, which involve art making activities as well building a school library in an elementary school.  This is her second trip to Silkkim already (see the outreach program website here).  Going back this time, she wanted to incorporate some version of the trash project i did here in singapore couple of month back (60 days of holding on to my personal trash.  now thing about it, what a painful way to live in this modern world!).  I have never been to India before, or seen the beautiful Himalaya before, but from the way Michelle described it, the problem there isn’t really that everything is wrapped in plastic, but no collection point for trash in the school.  students just throw things in the court yard or in the hallway.  sounds messy. since i am such a nerd on organization (not really), we decided to design a set of trash cans to they would be built while Michelle is there. (i am not going) then we decided to turn the design of the trash can into posters to raise awareness.

trash can poster screen

so yeah, a new version of the trash project will happen in India! hurrah! so fun! Also there will be an exhibition some time next year when the outreach artists team return.  more info on that later.

we are printing these posters on paper Michelle brought back from Sikkim last year.  they have very nice texture.  you shall see them around campus in a couple of days.


silkscreening posters

so yeah, if anybody want to learn, just ask michelle! ask nicely, that is. oh yes, to help the outreach program, please donate childern’s book (english) for kids age 3 to 12.  please bring them to school and drop it off at the aesthetic office! more details on that later.