Water Part III

The invention of modern toilet is to me, one of the top three inventions of all time. A push of a wrist and water comes out and transport our bodily waste miles away. Nothing short of brilliance.  It keeps our white modern house clean and free of smell, but to mention all the bacteria we might have to deal with.

But besides praising on toilet, it is also important to put it in a historical context and thinking about it conceptually: in our so-call modern life, humans have really separated our upper halves of the body away from our lower end.  Upper is associated with reasoning, intellectual thinking, logic, appearance, and facade, and mean while the lower half is associate with dirt, taboo sexual desire, bacteria, and shit. No wonder we like to sit on chair while we have meal and tea; the table legs and the height of chairs separate the food (clean) away from the ground (dirt).

This is why we don't pee in bed, beside the obvious fact that it is embarrassing. Unless you are a baby. You are not a baby are you? Even that's frowned upon these days. The bed sheets absorb the body fluid and traps it here. The color, the smell, and the bacteria all remain stationary, waiting and hunting for more pristine site to expand to.  Sometimes I call it the "big yellow". Even monkeys don't pee where they sleep and we are a long way from monkeys.  So let’s keep that in mind next time, understand?



Simba 2009, paint on paper
Simulated Fountain 2009, pencil on paper